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Pokladna je otevřena ve všední dny od 12 do 19 hod. a dvě hodiny před začátkem představení, pokud se hraje o víkendu či ve svátek.


English summary

English summary

Shows accompanied by English surtitles

Letters to Olga

First English-friendly performance of Theatre in Dlouha Street
Václav Havel Letters to Olga The first staging of Václav Havel's letters from his imprisonment between 1979 and 1983
Script and direction SKUTR
Cast Eva Hacurová, Marie Poulová, Klára Sedláčková-Oltová, Marie Turková, Magdalena Zimová, Martin Matejka, Pavel Neškudla, Jan Vondráček, Tomáš Turek
Theatre form comprising also movement and music, in which texts of the letters are developed in the associative way and reflect the inner world of a man experiencing his ordeal in the cramped space of the prison where he can never be alone.
It reflects our attitude towards the phenomenon of Václav Havel on the eve of the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution and reminds a man who entered not only the history of the world but also our lives and hearts.

English surtitles are visible only from stalls, not from balcony.


The Last of the Soviets

A tragicomic probe into the soul of the Russian man, based on the book Secondhand Time by Nobel Prize winner Svetlana Alexievich

Author Světlana Alexijevičová, Daniel Majling
Translation Studená Kateřina   Directed by Michal Vajdička   Scenography Pavol Andraško   Costumes Katarína Hollá   Music Michal Novinski   Dramaturgy Studená Kateřina

The 2015 Nobel Prize winner's book brings the stories of ordinary people living in times of great change. A system that was supposed to lead to paradise on earth and last forever has crumbled to dust in a few years; instead of freedom, there is the pursuit of money; instead of democracy, chaos; instead of justice, a fierce struggle between oligarchs and beggars. And soon the people longed for a strong leader to restore order. Alexievich tells it all through the stories of ordinary people, from different classes of the economic spectrum and political mindsets. She lets them speak, she does not judge, she tries to understand them. Although some things are truly difficult to understand...

Based on interviews from the book Secondhand Time, Daniel Majling has written a comprehensive play tracing the fate of a privileged communist family between 1989 and 2003. The personal stories of the individual characters are influenced by historical experiences and injustices, frustration at the loss of superpower status and dashed hopes. Six Chekhovian acts provide us with a hyperbolic portrayal of the life of the Soviet person. But can we truly speak of the end of the Red Man even today?


JUNE 2023: English surtitles are visible from stalls, not from balcony.

From SEPTEMBER 2023:  English surtitles are visible only from balcony, not from stalls.


The Master and Margarita

Never talk to strangers!

Author Michail Bulgakov
Translation  Alena Morávková  Script and direction SKUTR.  Scenography Jakub Kopecký  Costumes Simona Rybáková   Music Petr Kaláb

The novel The Master and Margarita is one of the most mysterious works of world literature, full of riddles, symbols and hints.

We find ourselves in a society that wants to create a better man and a better world, but instead creates a world full of fear, which can be used as a weapon against anything that defies the average. The perfect place for the arrival of the dark lord Woland and his entourage. Thus begins the battle for the soul of man, the Master's struggle for freedom of speech and a great love story. All this in a package of absurd events and devilishly unbound fun. Easter will link the Moscow gala ball at Satan's with the fate of Yeshua Ha-Nocri and his clandestine friend, the fifth procurator of Judea, Pontius Pilate. And the devil, surprisingly, becomes a force for good by doing evil.


Accompanied by English surtitles from SEPTEMBER 2023.
English surtitles are visible only from balcony, not from stalls.


Divadlo v Dlouhé

Divadlo v Dlouhé is a repertoire theatre with a permanent group of actors established in 1996 as a set financed by the Municipality of Prague. Director Daniela Šálková heads the theatre and the art management comprises: literary adviser Štěpán Otčenášek and director Hana Burešová. The group of actors comprises graduates of the Theatre Academy of Musical Arts, part of the actors have studied in the Department of Alternative and Marionette Theatre of this Academy. The group is highly talented in terms of movement and music. This makes it possible for the directors to use marionette elements in addition to live music and singing in the plays.Divadlo v Dlouhé cannot be assigned to any genre category: our repertoire includes great dramatic stories just as it includes farces, scenic ballet ballads, non-traditional cabaret or a singing performance for children. We devote regular attention to the child viewers - we annually hold the Child in Dlouhá / Dítě v Dlouhé festival at which we feature the most interesting plays for children's theatre and Festival 13+ not only for teenagers.

Divadlo v Dlouhé has won many awards from critics since 1996: it was nominated several times for best Czech Theatre of the Year, two of our plays (Wild duck/Divoká kachna, The Break of Noon/Polední úděl) won the best play of the year award, other plays were nominated for this prestigious award. Our plays regularly get points in various critic surveys, the performance of the actors in our plays usually also receive awards as well as the work of the set and costume designers. Last but not least to us is the interest of the public - the number of visitors to our theatre is approximately ninety five percent.