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Letters to Olga

Václav Havel

2.00 h včetně pauzy Velký sál

Letters to Olga

Script and direction SKUTR .   Scenography Jakub Kopecký   Costumes Simona Rybáková   Music Petr Kaláb

...arduous search for one's self... 

Performance with English surtitles
Surtitles are visible from only stalls, not from balcony.

Last performance in October 2023

Dear Olga,

among the thousands of remarkable events that form the miracle of Being and its history, the event which I have called here the constitution or the genesis of the human “I” has an entirely revolutionary significance.
(Václav Havel, 4. 9. 1982 from prison Plzeň – Bory)

The first staging of Václav Havel's letters from prison from 1979 to 1983 as a reminder of a man who entered not only world history, but also our lives and our hearts.
Letters to Olga is loosely based on the production of A Dream in the Red House (Sen v červeném domě), which was inspired by the works of T. S. Eliot and Samuel Beckett. Václav Havel is the logical successor to these giants of world literature as a writer, philosopher and playwright.

A  theatrical - movement - musical form of associative development of the text of letters on the inner world of a man in the midst of a life trial set within the cramped space of a prison with the never-ending presence of other inmates and the reflection of our relationship to the phenomenon of Václav Havel will build upon a similar tradition of some poetic projects of the Theatre in Dlouhá.

Cast Eva Hacurová, Marie Poulová, Klára Sedláčková-Oltová, Marie Turková, Magdalena Zimová, Martin Matejka, Pavel Neškudla, Jan Vondráček, Tomáš Turek

Duration 2h including intermission

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Premiéra 17. 11. 2018 Vhodné 14 years and up Sdílet

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